Sunday, June 26, 2011

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  • satishku_2000
    06-24 06:18 PM
    Once this Mela of accepting 485 is over ...looks like dates will retrogress to somewhere in 2003 or 2004 .. hopefully it is 2004

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  • crazyghoda
    01-26 07:22 PM
    Wow! This is really something. I believe my lawyer even attached a printout of a copy of the visa bulletin for my 485 case. I was laughing at that point saying wouldnt they know whats current, but now after hearing this, I stand corrected. being as conservative as possible is the best option when dealing with this agency.

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  • Carlau
    01-10 10:31 PM
    We can demand a purple card for any techworker who had worked and paid taxes and contributed to Social Security and medicare for three continuous years. This card should allow free travel and work permit for spouse. Counterpart of blue card for illegals......Once the priority date becomes current and adjustment of status is complete, purple card is replaced by green card !!!!!!!!

    Dish: The idea is great, if you go to the link that I posted (the official link to that proposed legislation) you will see that they talk about all the non immigrant visas and their spouses and minor children, so they should add all those same things under the H-1B parragraph in the part talking about the rights of the H-1B dependants. I do not know exactly how from a conversatioin between us goes to the IV core, and then to QGA, and then to the Senate, but anyways, this is a start.

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  • jonty_11
    06-04 06:28 PM
    EB2 India will move very fast till 01 JAN 06 as because based on June 2007 bulletin, just before the july fiasco,( ) the PD for China is 01 JAN 06. That means in EB2 Category except India and China every other country is current. So till India reaches 01 JAN 06 PD in EB2, all the spill overs will be moved to EB2 India. By the time India EB2 reaches 01 JAN 06, China PD in EB2 will move further from 01 JAN 06 by using its 7% quota. So Inidia PD for EB2 again moves fast till that changed China PD using the spill overs. After that India and China will share the spill overs based on the PD priority. All this happens if and only if the USCIS works effectively and uses all the available visa numbers for the present fiscal year. My prediction for EB2 India PD is it touch 2005 /even cross few months in 2005 by the end of this year if USCIS works effectively.
    which VB are you doesnt work...


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  • gc_lover
    07-27 01:23 PM
    And how are you sure that the second application will be correct and not have any errors that the first one had? :D

    In that case, we can have third application ready!

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  • akred
    07-14 06:35 PM
    it is not clear to me that this version allows legal kids to benefit
    it talk about people being "otherwise deportable"
    someone needs to clarify with an immigration attorney or something

    Siskind says it only benefits illegals. Read his comment on his blog at


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  • simikishore
    08-09 11:43 PM
    My GC got approved almost a three weeks ago. I stayed with my employer through the whole GC process till now. Now I want to move on with better job/salary.
    My attorney suggested to stay with the company for atleast 6 months as it may cause issues during the citizenship application. He also mentioned, employer has the right to revoke the approved green card.

    Is it really true, employer can revoke the green cards, just merely for switching jobs.
    I have my doubts that they can. Did anyone else heard anything similar.
    I tried looking at the web but could not find any written law by USCIS on this.

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  • MLS
    06-26 05:19 PM
    Thank you very much !

    visit your senator's website. Look for links for "casework". Look for contact person for immigration. Call your senator's office at that number. Explain your problem. They will ask you to write a letter giving your case information and requesting them to find out the status. Some senator offices may require you to fill some form in a format pertinent to them with the intention of giving the senator's office permission to inquire on your behalf and to give access to your personal information.

    Once they have letter from you they will contact USCIS on your behalf. They will tell you by when they will hear back from USCIS. Make sure you do not call them repeatedly, call them when they ask you to call them or call them after a reasonable amount of time i.e. 2 weeks.


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  • Blog Feeds
    04-14 08:00 AM
    And there's plenty of competition. Essentially, the bill makes the entire state a 287(g) state without the supervision of Department of Homeland Security. The bill's constitutionality seems extremely dubious, but we'll have to wait on the courts and I feel certain that a suit will be filed within days of the governor signing. Here is a summary of the bill's provisions. As an aside, I was struck by the "Profiles in Courage" passage from the LA Times coverage of the bill: [Governor] Brewer, a Republican, has not taken a public stance on the bill. She replaced Janet Napolitano, a Democrat...

    More... (

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  • pooja_34
    12-20 01:01 PM
    Good to hear that NY consulate is responsive. Houston and SF never answer the phone !!!

    I am very happy with the customer services of New York Indian Consulate. All our passport renewals (4 during last 3 years) happened in a timely fashion and that too thru post without any personal visit. Whenever I e-mailed them with a question, I received answers promptly. I called them to know about status and received precise replies.


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  • anandrajesh
    01-31 10:18 PM
    bonded labor?

    Retrogession and PD not current is a Modern form of Slavery... We are Highly Educated, Law Abiding, Tax Paying Slaves to this broken immigration system

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  • 24fps
    02-27 05:36 PM
    Define "unprofessional" and how it applies to the replies here?

    In what part of the world is standing up against drug peddlers and traffickers is limited to "personal" interpretations of moral? Drug laws are not intended to satisfy some lawmakers personal morals, but it is there because selling drugs is illegal regardless of what yours, mine or anyone else's personal moral fabric is.

    What the hell are you talking about and what are YOU smoking?

    Listen kid, i don't wanna get into a mud slinging immature tough-behind-the-keyboard match with you, i've seen you respond in here and its funny how you keep using the same line over and over again, lol.

    Again, if you don't get the difference between the tone of a professional response against a personal opinion based lash-back then thats your problem not mine :)


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  • kalia
    07-04 04:35 PM
    Medical: $ 400.00
    Lawyer: $3,000.00
    Fedex: $ 100.00
    Documents: $ 20.00
    TOTAL: $3,520.00 APR.

    Tension that I have gone through on Friday, Saturday and Sunday: Can't estimate the cost
    Frustration that I am going through since Monday Morning: Can't estimate the cost.

    Please note that I am not counting any cost for taking the time off from work, spending time on collecting documents, phone call made to my parents in india. I am not even thinking the opportunity cost.

    My parents had spent time and money going to the different agencies to get the affidavit and then sending it to me via courier. My parents had cancel their program so that their son and Daoughter in law and son in law and Daughter can get the paper quickly and can send the papers to USCIS.

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  • santb1975
    01-12 12:48 AM


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  • jetflyer
    06-13 10:48 AM
    Mark Kirkoreiean's (or whatever his name is) thesis is that not everyone who gets a green card through EB is a genius, and that is not good for America.

    Along same lines, I would like to ask, Mark or whoever in anti-immigration camp,
    there are only 1M (may be little less) skilled workers looking for immigration and you have problem with that because all of them are not THE BRIGHTEST one, okay... well first understand, for THE BRIGHTEST we have EB1 which is working great. Now in America there is a lot of work which needs experienced and highly skilled worker and we have EB2 for that, apart from that we still have a lot of work which requires hitech skilled worker and for that we have Eb3. So by the definition system has already identified the need and have representation for those.

    And secondly you have problem with those who came legally and are highly skilled and have followed all the rules since day 1, counts less that 1 million, you are not willing to give them GC on other hand there are 12M (actually 20 M) who can't even write their names in English and everybody is ready to give them GC even the president of US is ready.

    Doesn't that give signal that US is pro illegal and anti-legal immigration.... think about it

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  • Humhongekamyab
    03-03 12:43 PM
    Can you guys guess, why isn't there an update on this thread after the visit?
    Do you think we will ever see an update from OP?

    Hope, all have gone well with this guy and soon will see update on the visit. :)

    I hope he was not deported.


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  • gsc999
    08-31 02:45 PM
    Wear the Gear:
    California, thanks for showing your support! If you are on the fence and still deciding to attend the rally or not. Do what the sheep did, jump the fence and put the issue to rest or sleep :)

    I ordered my IV T-shirt, it looks cool, with California printed on the back. It takes a couple of days in the mail so order now. I am excited about the event, it would be fun.

    Flaunt that Flag:
    We are ordering American flags and California state flag for the rally.
    Who wants to carry the California state flag at the rally:)? This is an honor so who ever volunteer's first gets to hold it and probably get on TV. You will represent the Silicon valley.

    Guys in Nor. Cal. Can you help me carry some stuff to DC? I have some T-shirts I need to get to DC.

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  • uma001
    05-22 04:27 PM
    This Jan 1,2007 date is another Joke by this lawmakers. These undocumented workers came crossing the border without any port of entry evidence. How can they prove they came before or after that date.

    This date is for those people who try to ebcome illegal ( like us , now we are thinkign to become one). Now you cant become illegal becos of this cut off date.

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  • rajakannan
    06-27 07:58 AM
    lawers can prepare at their own pace but fedex them to reach on Jul 30th.

    10-31 12:22 AM
    Applied for EAD on Aug 30th, Receipt notice was on Sep 3rd and Got email yesterday saying card production ordered. Nebraska Service center.

    Now waiting for AP to be approved. Applied on Aug 30th. Receipt notice on 3rd Sep, LUD on 10th Sep.. Texas service center. Thinking it should not be long.

    08-10 12:03 PM
    Many of them were not confident of clearing labour on their own credentials ( BSC Zoology, BBA, BCOM etc..) or probably wanted to jump the line.

    What make you think BCOM or BBA or BSC is less than any other Bachelor degree EB3 own labor guys have. I am not here to defend or oppose LS. But before you talk about people who are not from same educational background as you, you should come out of bottom of Rock you have been living and breathe some fresh air. I for one, who has BCom and able to get my labor and GC cleared without using any of short cuts. :mad::mad::mad:

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